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Some bullet points for the buyer before securing a mortgage:

1. You should and can get the mortgage pre-approval before even start looking for a house. This will give you complete peace of mind when shopping for a home and on top of that, you will only look for houses in your budget and save yourself from disappointment.

2. It is very important to know what is the monthly dollar amount you are committing to spend comfortably every month on the mortgage payments.

Ask a Real Estate Professional

We all know that buying and selling a home can be stressful, we as a real estate team believe that a lot of this stress can be removed by hiring a real estate agent, and consulting with them initially can explain many complex parts involve in it.

There is a process to buy a home, whether you are a first-time homebuyer, upgrading, downsizing, or investing in real estate. A home buying process should be a pleasant and worry-free experience.


Mortgage rules change from time to time and you should be aware of any new development in the mortgage regulations. Most of the banks have competitive mortgage interest rates however their terms and conditions vary. A minimum down payment is required. There are other options available also for qualified homebuyers, such as Rent to Own, Zero Down Payment, and Minimum Down Payment, etc. One has to pay very close attention to what’s in the offer, what factors are involved, how you structure your mortgage. It can save or cost you thousands of dollars.

Rent Vs. Own

Rent vs.Own, there is no correct answer to this question based on today’s market conditions, however, you are paying mortgage anyways; it may not be your mortgage if you are renting but surely your landlord’s.

There can be multiple other factors when we’re unable to purchase a primary residence. The high cost of real estate in metro cities causing home buyers not to be able to afford to buy a decent place to live in.

Buying a House

Buying a house is a big investment and it could be a more challenging process than it should be, sometimes the property is bought at a higher than market value and sometimes it's gone because the decision was not taken at the right time.

A lot of time people purchase a house that they want and not what they need and sometimes the mistake is happening right at that moment. Maybe they end up buying a home with a longer expected commute, fix-ups that they did not pay attention to, or thought will not cost that much.

Occupied Home Staging

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